Community managers, we need to have a collective conversation about privacy.

When was the last time you actually read a privacy policy? Most folks click through privacy and security policies, or get annoyed by them.

Privacy is and should be an important, accessible, transparent journey the community member wants to go through. There is an opportunity to engage people on a social and cultural level, rather than simply just a legal and compliance one.

Online communities allow us to interact in nuanced and creative ways and are strongly linked to our physical and emotional identity. Our online behaviors represent an…

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Community managers already wear a lot of hats. 🧢 One I don’t see very often? A product management hat 🎩. But when they do, great things can happen. ✨

Why? Applying product management principles will help you better understand your community, which will ultimately lead to the creation of better experiences, features and programs. What are you waiting for? Dive in. 🏊‍♀️

What do Product Managers do?

It is important to remember that ultimately YOU own your career development and journey.

Developing your career and mobility is a journey with a few steps: identifying your strengths, telling your story, job search strategy, and networking.

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Discover & Uncover Strengths

  • What type of work energizes you? What comes easily for you? When do you feel in the flow at work?
  • What type of work drains your energy? Are there things you are good at doing but don’t enjoy?
  • What are some of your best accomplishments? Which did you enjoy achieving the most?
  • What types of activities do you participate in outside of work…

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Have you ever used “guru”, “sherpa”, or “ninja” to describe programs, people or products at work? Using terminology like can be perceived as imprecise and non inclusive. Read on to learn why you should consider alternatives.

Some words we use routinely throughout our work day are rooted in racism, discriminatory practices or outdated notions of race, gender, color, creed, and identity. Other words and terms are new and evolving and are not used correctly or often enough. The goal isn’t to shame.

It’s all about education and awareness to encourage the use of suitable, and in some cases even more…

How solving for a problem is like a big bowl of spaghetti.

Warning: 🍝 Lotssss of spaghetti metaphors incoming…

I wanted to share some quick thoughts on how solving a problem is like a big bowl of spaghetti where you bring stakeholders along through a complex decision where there are multiple possible ideas or 🍝 “spaghetti strands” to follow. And when there is perhaps not a lot of time to get messy with the spaghetti sauce…

Step 1: Create the sauce

Make sure you are clear on the problem — the sauce — before all this diverging nonsense (aka ideation) starts because:

Solutions depend on the frame of the problem

Step 2: Create and cook the spaghetti

You’re really hungry, so generate as many…

Being an online community moderator takes an acute understanding of language and dialogue on a (sometimes frustratingly) nuanced level, all the while striving to understand the full context of something. Here’s a few things I’ve learned that I hope you find helpful to keep in mind!

Ahhh conversation pits, spaces within spaces. Here’s a few takeaways from those old physical relics of the 60’s that we can apply to our modern digital communities — all except the shag carpet.


Conversation pits can be created anywhere and can be all shapes and sizes. They are distinct from the rest of the space, yet can also be re-absorbed into the larger spaces. Pits have potential to be shaped, customized and their layouts changed. They can accommodate large groups, or be used more intimately. However, be careful, no one wants to sit solo. …

On Saturday, January 19th, I attended the Sustainable Urban Development Summit hosted by Stanford Engineering: Center for Sustainable Development & Global Competitiveness in collaboration with the International Towns Federation.

TL;DR: The lenses changed from Macro to Micro — with a majority focus on micro — specifically, on how towns can be the key for tackling climate change. Sustainable development happens one city at a time. The overall theme that emerged was:

Think Big, Start Small

The conversation of starting small focused on “villages” and smaller towns, but then dove even deeper into the idea of “people focused” design. And how…

I love working remotely — so I can’t help telling nearly everyone I know about the benefits of working remotely and encouraging them to also consider a remote job!

This is a resource for all the peeps I am encouraging to check out remote work. Since I talk about it so often, I thought I would just create a friendly guide of resources and tips that have helped me. p.s. working remote is not just for freelancers — you can land cool full time gigs too.

I love working remote because I save time and money on commuting, I actually…

Are negative comments and harassment an unwanted “feature” of your articles? Unsure on how to respond to and ignite in conversations online? This field guide was designed to assist journalists navigate the muddy waters of the comments section.

Journalists are often asked to engage on social media or in the comments, or may engage because they think it’s a good idea. But there is little training or guidelines about how to participate effectively. News sites and journalists need to accept the responsibility of improving the quality of online conversations around their articles and manage readers’ discourse.

The internet is a…


Program Manager @ Google. I write stories around: Design, Community, Product, Sustainability, Philosophy, Work, Career.

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