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  • Thaisa Fernandes

    Thaisa Fernandes

    Problem solver and perfectionist in recovery willing to stretch myself and risk making mistakes to achieve innovative solutions and validate my learnings

  • Uber Privacy & Security

    Uber Privacy & Security

  • Alex Komoroske

    Alex Komoroske

    Generalist fascinated by complex adaptive systems. Product Manager by day. All opinions my own.

  • Devon Price

    Devon Price

    He/Him or It/Its. Social Psychologist & Author of LAZINESS DOES NOT EXIST and UNMASKING AUTISM. Links to buy:

  • Malgosia Pack

    Malgosia Pack

    Unstoppable Engineering Program Manager at Google. My views are my own.

  • Corinne Marie Riley

    Corinne Marie Riley

    Focused on early stage B2B enterprise companies, looking to partner with founders and operators who want to build the future @CorinneMRiley

  • Urban Fungarium

    Urban Fungarium

    Fungal findings from Goldsmith’s graduate designer Rachel Horton-Kitchlew. Get in touch for collaboration here:

  • Sivan Hermon

    Sivan Hermon

    Person, leader, parent: loves leading teams that build products that customers love. Loves travel, cooking, and… parenting with high CSAT (i.e. hugs).

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